End Of Season Celebration and 2019-2020 Captains Announced!

Last night the Marauders celebrated the season at Pierce’s Inn with family and friends. Coach Dodds spoke about the team’s accomplishments and recognized each and every player for their individual contributions to the program both on and off the ice. Awards and presents were shared, and the night concluded with a slideshow of season highlights.

At the end, this year’s captains announced the new captains for the 2019-2020 season. Congratulations to Meredith Morhun (#2, left) and Chrissy Chow (#3, right)!

There is no doubt that these two are up to the task of honoring the tradition of HHS Girls Hockey and will help lead the way next year!

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better”.

 “Think little goals and expect little achievement. Think big goals and win big success “.



Marauder Post-Season News

Just a week after Hanover won the NH High School State Championship, senior Clara Boland and sophomore Violet Sperry suited up for their respective club teams (U19 Vermont Shamrocks and U19 Concord Capitals) in the New England Girls Tier 2 Regional Championship this weekend. This time, however, these two HHS hockey teammates found themselves playing against each other in the final game today with the Shamrocks winning the contest 6-2. Congratulations to both Clara and Violet for making it to the championship game, and good luck Clara at nationals in April!


HHS teammates Clara Boland and Violet Sperry competing at New England Regionals


In other news, Coach Dodds and several former HHS hockey players cheered on Matti Hartman and the Northeastern women’s hockey team in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament this weekend. The Huskies lost 2-3 in OT to Cornell and finished the season  27-6-5. You can read more about the game and their historic season here. 


El Williams, Matti Hartman, Eliza Laycock (HHS Class of ’16), and Coach Dodds at the NCAA Quarterfinals

Game Photos: Thank you Paul Stinson!

A special shout-out to Paul Stinson for his awesome game photos (you can click the link for each game in the captions below, or click here)  If you see Paul, please take a moment to thank him!


Also, there are great photos from the semi-finals game (click here) and finals game (click here) taken by NH Sports Photography.

Four Marauders Selected NH D1 All-State: Bryn Kable, Maggie Lee, Emma Tysinger and Violet Sperry

NH High Coaches Association have selected All-State teams for the 2018-2019 season. Congratulations to this year’s All-State Selections:

Bryn Kable: 1st Team All-State Defense (top left)

Maggie Lee: 1st Team All-State Forward (top right)

Emma Tysinger: 2nd Team All-State Defense (bottom left)

Violet Sperry: All-State Honorable Mention Forward (bottom right)

Click Here for the full All-State Team Selections

Great job, Marauders!  Congratulations to all our players on a terrific season!


Congratulations Marauders 2019 State Champions!


Here’s some of the local coverage of the championship game:

Valley News

Union Leader



And thank you Paul Stinson for capturing the game and celebration. Click here to see his pictures.

Rise and Grind! Marauders are off….

An early morning start, but the Marauders are ready!


‘Twas The Night Before The Championship


‘Twas the night before the Championship,
The team had a talk,
About what it would take,
To defeat the Exeter Blue Hawks

Coach Dodds said to the girls…

The Blue Hawks are strong
They have earned state acclaim
So it will take all that we have
To win our last game

Time to ‘Rise and Grind’,
the way we’ve done the whole year
Tomorrow will be a test
We need to kick-it into gear

We’ve had 19 league battles
With five tough ones out of state,
We stayed undefeated in NH
It’s an important team trait.

And the road to the finals
Was a particularly tough feat
Through #4 Berlin and #1 Oyster River
Both were tough to defeat

So WE must play strong team D,
And backcheck like crazy,
Work hard every shift,
And never be lazy

Use “Amherst” to attack,
The half-wall seam,
Get the puck to the points,
And drive to the net for a screen.

But most important of all,
Play with passion and skill,
Make every shift count,
Exert your strong will.

So Coach Dodds called a break,
To tell them “The Story.”


“The Story”- A Marauder tradition story about a prior championship game

Be focused and smart,
And never give up,
If you want victory tomorrow,
And a Championship Cup.

Rise and Grind Is the theme this year,
It will be our guide for the game,
And give us the strength
As we honor our name.

This family is ready,
To be at our best,
To add to the legacy,
With its own mark of success.


On LINDSAY! On DONALDSON! and second sister MORHUN


To the ‘ship CHOW, STONE, RUDD, and last but not least….KABLE!

After Coach Dodd’s story,
And the last drills were done,
The seniors exclaimed,
“It’s time for some fun!”

Aiden went first,
And with a wide grin,
Full of goalie gear
Slid half the way in

Rosey followed suit
And charged at the tunnel
This Colby Mule can move
And slid through the funnel

Claire gave it a go
Built up her speed
Pushed through the tunnel
A great effort indeed

Maggie skated the whole rink
And went down a bit quick
But she made it through
With her extra speed kick

Clara next turned the corner
And charged at her mates
Making an arch with their arms
Barely missing them with her skates

Emma was determined
And calculated her pace
To overcome the friction
And slide through with grace

Bryn was last
to celebrate our season’s story
This new Athena slid right through
and claimed Marauder glory!

Finally the team’s hallowed stick banging cheer,
Rhythm mounting and steady,
Onward! To the ‘Ship Marauders