USA U 18 Women’s National Team Plays Last Game in the Series Tomorrow — HHS fans in the stands!

One game to go in THIS series.

The USA U18 national team vs. Canadian U18 national team game is tomorrow at 10 AM. Remember fast to watch.  The series is tied up, one a piece.   There will be some extra HHS fans  and HHS hockey grad fans in stands at Lake Placid tomorrow,  cheering on Matti and the team. They will be joining coach Dodds and his wife Patti, who have been at Lake Placid savoring Matti’s journey and sending good vibes and a comfort of home message out to Matti during the three 20 minute periods.

Go team USA! Win of game 2:   2-0. We will be feeling the chills during the national anthems, and then rooting for Matti and teammates as she concludes her first series as a U-18 National Team player!

Oh, and the 10 or so HHS girls who gathered to watch the game voted on this question posed by my husband during  the fast hockey broadcast of game one:

“How many days can Matti wear USA hockey swag to school?”

Response:   all voices bounded  promptly with a resounding, “Every single day!”

Matti and her family after second game win, Lake Placid

Matti and her family –USA Hockey fans all,   after second game win, Lake Placid.

HHS number 7, USA Hockey U 18 number 27 in action yesterday

HHS number 7, USA Hockey U 18 number 27 in action yesterday

News and Photo Update from Lake Placid

USA Hockey U-18 National Team, Matti is bottom row second from left

USA Hockey U-18 National Team, Matti is bottom row second from left.

Number 27, Matti Hartman in first of 3 game series vs. Canada

Number 27, Matti Hartman in first of 3 game series vs. Canada

Coaches Dodds and Drew made trip to Lake Placid for game number one last night

Coaches Dodds and Drew made trip to Lake Placid for game number one last night

Fan gathering to cheer Matti and the first game of the USA hockey U18 team

Fan gathering to cheer Matti and the first game of the USA hockey U18 team

While coaches Dodds and Drew made the trip to Lake Placid, many teammates and HHS team fans watched Matti, number 27, and  the USA U18 National team vs. Canada  at home last night on fast  The close game with Canada came down to a goal in the third that gave Canada game 1, 3-2.  Next games in the series:   tonight,  August 21, Lake Placid, 6PM (or fast hockey), and Sunday August 23 at 10 AM.

More information click on link:  USA Hockey Women’s U18 Team

Matti Hartman Named to USA Hockey’s Women’s U18 National Team

HHS captain, Matti Hartman was named today to USA Hockey Women’s Program U-18 Select National Team.  Matti’s journey this year started with the NE festival, then a USA Hockey Elite 66 player camp in Maine from which 33 players were selected to attend a USA Hockey Women’s National festival in Lake Placid last week. Today, she learned she was selected as one of a 23 player roster for the U-18 National Team.

The team will compete in a three game series against Canada on August 20-23rd in Lake Placid.

Congratulations, Matti! The home team is beaming proud!   Go Team USA!

See the article link — (note in the article that games will be streamed live and are available at or follow twitter for live scoring updates on @USAHockeyScores on Twitter.

Matti Hartman will be sporting a new jersey! (Don't worry she will still wear the HHS one as well)

Matti Hartman will be sporting a new jersey! (Don’t worry— she will still wear the HHS one as well)

Captains 2015- 2016 season: Matti Hartman, Ella Williams, Eliza Laycock

Leave no doubt*, the trio of Hartman, Williams and Laycock will be terrific leaders as captains for next year’s 2015-2016 Hanover High girls ice hockey team.   They already can’t wait until next season – New Team, Same Dream*.   Expect renewed preparation, team mojo, and a seniors on down resolve not to # HANditOVER. Honor the tradition*!  ?# Skates, ?#Sticks, 1 Goal! * 

Looking forward to  another great team, another great season, same great coaches, and, as always,  the unveiling of next season’s team mantra on the back of the T-shirt. (*prior years team mantras)

Matti Hartman

Matti Hartman

Eliza Laycock

Ella Williams

Eliza Laycock

Eliza Laycock

Valley News Article- “Marauders Pack Trophy Case” – Some Impressive Stats

2014-2015 season end news from VN sports writer Greg Fennell’s article yesterday

Some impressive team, coach, and individual accolades and stats:

“Dodds, owner of a 185-29-5 record over 10 seasons, deserves a lot of credit….”

“Hanover is 52-0 against NHIAA foes the past threes campaigns.(The Marauders have won their last 59 games against NH foes the last loss coming to Lebanon on Feb 4, 2013, 3-2)”

“Last month’s state title win over BBT was the program’s sixth straight, the seventh in eight NHIAA seasons and ninth (including unofficial tournaments) in Dodds’ 10 years in charge.”

Coach of the Year- John Dodds

“Given the level of dominance the Hanover HIgh girls hockey program enjoys in New Hampshire, this was bound to happen eventually.”

Player of the Year- Matti Hartman

Matti Hartman (forward 37-24-61 season, 161 career)- first team all state

Margeaux Baker (defense, 3-9-12)- first team all state

Eliza Laycock (forward 20-21-41, 109 career)- second team all state

Sarah Wagner (forward 18-14-32, 96 career)- second team all state

Emma Malenka (defense, 6-11-17)- second team all state

Congratulations to all the HHS Marauder Girls Ice Hockey Players- it is a full team effort every year.

Link to Valley News article- April 1, 2015 Sports Section

NH All State Team 2015 – Congratulations, Marauders!

Coach of the year – John Dodds

Player of the year – Matti Hartman

1st team all state:  Matti Hartman (F), Margeaux Baker (D)

2nd team all state: Eliza Laycock (F),Sarah Wagner (F), Emma Malenka(D)

A Tribute to John Dodds- NH Coaches Association Coach of the Year


2015: Coach John Dodds was named New Hampshire High School Hockey Coaches Association Coach of the Year! This honor is well deserved!  Players, parents, and fans are delighted that “Coach” has finally been recognized for his coaching talent.

Coach Dodds could write a best seller on how to be a great coach – and his book would be unique, resonant, and not short.  He’s a leader with a real vision that comes to life each season.  He’s accomplished so much more than a winning team, season after season.

There are so many precious gems this coach has given to his teams over the years. Excellence on the ice and in the classroom are team expectations and traditions, as are community service, and a team vibe and morale based on a family-like culture. The team has some very spirited, meaningful and fun traditions that are passed down amongst the girls year to year. Six state championships in a row!

The girls are thrilled that their coach has been honored this year. Some of their thoughts about coach Dodds:

Coach is a driving force as to why we all improve so much in one season. He pushes us to do our best every practice and game. 

I think one thing that makes Coach special is how well he understands us. He knows when to push us, but also when to back off. He knows when it is appropriate to raise his voice and when it is not. I’ve also realized over the years that he is just a really goofy guy who can always make us laugh!

Always there to give you a quick tip on your game or your eating habits. On the long bus rides to big games he’ll be reading the paper. At morning practice he’ll be waiting for us one by one as we enter the rink half asleep and waking us up more than we’d probably like with a loud ‘You awake?!’. He’s always there for the stomach crunching laughs, the little giggles, and the tears we all bear as the season comes to a close. This season was a special one though; our coach was finally recognized for his leadership, integrity, and his overall love for the game. We are a very select, lucky group NH of players that received the honor to be coached by none other than Coach himself.

He cares so much about the players on the team and always tells us how proud he is of us individuals, but is also clearly so proud of what the team has accomplished on the ice and beyond. He works so hard to prepare for every game and practice, and also spends hours behind the scenes calling reporters, athletic directors, high school coaches, college coaches, and who knows who else?! He is the man behind the curtain, the reason for all of our success. Without coach we would just be a group of talented hockey players. Coach makes us a team and a family.

– Puts so much time and dedication into this team and program, totally deserving!

– Always does his best to answer any questions 

– Draws up new drills to challenge us to go outside of our comfort zone 

– Really cares about the girls as people, not only as hockey players and our lives outside of hockey

– Teaches the girls to be strong leaders and make smart decisions and to always HONOR THE TRADITION

– Thank you so much for everything you do for us!

Coach is always ready to give us his very best. Each practice is so well planed. We learn and improve every day. He cares about all of us, and wants us all to succeed together as a team and individually.

He is always there for us and I don’t think anyone has had a better coach. 


photo Lake Placid Dodds