State Champions!!!

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The Hanover team brought their magic to SNHU Arena, in a performance win, 7-3!  1-1 after the first period, it was clear this would be a physical game.  The Marauders stuck to their game plan, and  came out in the second putting on  the pressure.   Capitalizing on quick moves, and team effort opportunities, HHS ended period two with a great lead, 6-3!  Continuing their pressure, the girls worked together,  passing the puck accurately, quickly and often, playing as a team, and following the game plan. This story ends with the win!


Marauders Ready with an Early Morning Start- Green Light Ahead!

IMG_3619The team is off for the 10 AM Championship game ! Go Marauders!

Twas the Night Before the Championship

‘Twas the night before the Championship,
The team had a “nice” talk,
About what it would take,
To beat the Big E Blue Hawks.

Coach Dodds said this year,
We do Whatever It Takes,
To be the ones smiling.

When it is time for handshakes.

Speed is one weapon,
We must use it three ways,
To be the state champions,
At the end of the day.

(Missing for now–Next 5 verses will be posted after the game- Here they are!)

First are quick decisions,
Knowing where to go,
With chipping and stretching,
To break out of the zone,

Puck movement is next,
Hard passes will lead,
To crossing the blueline,
With plenty of speed.

We must also skate hard
Driving wide to score,
By sniping a goal,
Or finding back door.

We must also pass to our D,
And get shots from the point,
Then hunt for big rebounds,
To light up the joint.

But most important of all,
To achieve our shared dream,
We must backcheck like crazy,
And play D as a team.

With a game plan in place,
And players perfectly primed,
For a final fun practice,
With a win on their minds.

Drills were completed,
The team ready for glory,
So Coach Dodds called a break,
To tell them “The Story.”

the story 2018

“The Story”- A Marauder tradition story about a prior championship game

Be focused and smart,
And never give up,
If you want victory tomorrow,
To lift a NH championship cup.

We’ve had 20 league battles
All but three went our way,
Plus holiday games
Against Vermont’s Essex and BFA.

So tonight on the eve
Of the Championship Game,
There’s a story to tell
Of our multi-year aim,

We have Left No Doubt,
Will be Better Tomorrow Than Today,
Know Tradition Never Graduates,
Essence of the Hanover way,

Whatever It Takes,
Is the theme this year,
It will be our guide for tomorrow,
And give potent strength to our cheer.

This bonded family is ready,
To be at our best,
To add to the legacy,
With its own mark of success.



To the top!




 FRENCH, STONE and RUDD, and…. Certainly…. YEGIAN!

After Coach Dodd’s story,
And the last drills were done,
The seniors exclaimed,
“It’s time for some fun!”

Hannah slid in first,
with a wide grin,
that soon to be thoroughbred,
Slid all the way in


Briland was next,
With a Reece skating style
That Eph pushed herself harder
to slide the extra mile

Cate was last
to celebrate our season’s story
That panther  went right through
and claimed  BIG BLUE glory!


The tunnel is over,
A moment of fun,
But these seniors know,
Their work is not yet done.

One more game is left,
So tomorrow they skate,
To be the best they can be,
And the best in the state.

And now, all, hear this team’s hallowed stick banging cheer,
the growing rhythm— mounting and steady,

Good Luck, Marauders!

Onward!…. To the ‘Ship….YOU ARE READY!


SNHU Arena and D1 Championship Game for Girls and Boys Varsity Teams on Saturday– What an Accomplishment!

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.02.22 AM.pngExceptional! Double header excitement for Hanover on Saturday as the girls team plays Exeter at 10:00 AM , followed by the Boys Hanover team championship game at 12:15 PM, all at SNHU arena.  Last night the boys brought home a tough fought win in their semifinal match against Bishop Guertin, earning them a spot in the D1 NHIAA final!  FANTASTIC JOB!

Many of the boys and girls played together on teams in their younger years (with photos to prove on their posters at Senior Night), which makes this event even more thrilling and wonderful! Their skills developed through hard work, discipline and excellent coaching, to name just a few things of the many things it took to get there. Head coaches of these Hanover teams ,and former players themselves,  Head coaches John and Dick Dodds are brothers with over 400 combined wins and 51 years of  coaching these teams. Quite a success story for HHS and a marvel!

Afternoon practice awaits!

To both teams,  Well earned congratulations, keep up the pace,  and best of luck! Whatever it Takes!  


Boys team cheering for the girls in the quarterfinal game


De ja Vu and Streaming Saturday’s Game

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.54.07 PM.png

NH High School Girls’ Ice Hockey D1 Championship

Saturday, March 10, 2018,  10:00 AM

Hanover High School Marauders vs. Exeter High School

at Southern NH University Arena (Formerly the Verizon Center)

555 Elm Street

Manchester, NH

This Championship Game is ON!  Deja Vu!  Exeter is the next worthy opponent!  Get ready, fans! The Marauders, you can bet, are in the ongoing team huddle!  It has been a GREAT year for this team, a growing year, with a lot of fun, new challenges and opportunities!

What’s new this year? 11 new and AWESOME Hanover players now seasoned and honoring the tradition- Aiden Stone, Christina Chow, Molly French, Pepper Joseph, Kelly Citera, Sage McGinley-Smith, Macy Curtis, Natalie Morhun, Rose Donaldson, Sophia Brackett, Rebekah Rudd.  Wow! These dedicated gals have learned the ropes and done their homework in order to honor the tradition  that is the  Hanover Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team.

Also new, a baby grandson for coach Dodds! Congrats on the new addition, coach and former player daughter, Chelsea! Big Congratulations in order!! (This was a semifinals high yesterday, during the game!)

The veteran players– Meredith Morhun, Clara Boland, Margaret Lee, Hannah Curtis, Cate Wagner, Emma Tysinger, Bryn Kable, Briland Laycock, and Claire Yegian are ready and know the game plan, in part, from experience.  Coaches Dodds and Drew and our goalie coach Tucker Garrity-Hanchett are the best at this and they are doing their thing, relying on 9 championship games experience and wisdom.  Not the time for rest or looking to the past though, this is a NEW TEAM, SAME DREAM situation.   This is the 2018 Marauder team, and a 2018 opportunity!


For those who cannot attend the game, there will be a streaming opportunity, but you need to check it out and set it up BEFORE the game.

Game time is 10:00 AM on Saturday.  Game time is WRONG below on that post, but get into this website to register PRIOR to the game to stream it LIVE! Use this link to get there and do AHEAD of TIME what you need to do to SIGN IN! link for live stream

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.50.08 PM.png







Marauders Earn the Return to SNHU Arena for the NHIAA Finals! Win, 5-0


Honoring the Tradition, The 2018 NHIAA Championship Finals return has been earned!  The team showed off its depth tonight in earning the semifinal win against Bishop Brady – Trinity.  The defensive squad was on fire, perhaps the best of all season, passionately chasing down all BBT potential opportunities. HHS showed some very smart choices in passes and plays throughout the game, demonstrating their skills and hockey sense. After the first stanza, Hanover took the lead 1-0, and did not look back. Three more goals in the second put Hanover up 4-0, and a final tally was added in the last period, with another  goal called back.

The Championship game is this Saturday at SNHU Arena (formerly, the Verizon Center). HHS will be playing Exeter for the second year in a row.  Stay tuned for time and game details, as well as “Twas the night before the championship”.

Congratulations, Marauder Team! Another excellent game of team work! Whatever It Takes!

Link to the game on You Tube



All Aboard! Ready for Semis!

bus to semis.jpg

Busload of Marauders and gear, leaving school and headed to Plymouth State University Ice Arena for the NHIAA Semifinals at 5:30. Marauders ready! Let’s Go, HHS!