Championship Win!

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2017 NHIAA Champions, Photo courtesy of Paul Stinson



A sweet win today at SNHU Arena!  Determination.  Composure.  Motivation.  Desire. Tradition. 8 incredible seniors.

Within the first minute, the Marauders were down. Tentative play, slow. Uh oh.

The Marauders came back to tie up the first stanza with 1:17 to go!   Second period, seconds after an Exeter  5 minute major, Hanover gets the go-ahead goal. A couple nice cross bar shots during that penalty. Third period, lots of energy by Hanover, some near goals, with the “insurance goal” soon after an Exeter time out with less than 3 minutes  to play. Our goalie made some nice saves!

The HHS traditions are what make this event most meaningful for the girls and their coaches. It has been a great season!   Congrats to coaches and players!

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State Champions!

The Marauders brought the title back to Hanover today!   3-1 win over Exeter!   It was a tough game, and the Marauders earned their parade through Hanover to celebrate the effort!  Well done!

‘Twas the Night Before the Championship….

‘Twas the night before the ‘Ship,

And at Campion Rink,

Not a player was stirring,

As Coach Dodds said “Just think,

Of all that must happen,

To beat the Blue Hawks,

And at the top of the list,

… to stay out of the box.

(Next 3 rhyming game plan paragraphs added after the game)

(Puck movement is key,
And we must look for backdoor,
With quick shots on net,
We are certain to score.

We must also pass to our D,
And get shots from the point,
Then hunt for big rebounds,
To light up the joint.

But most important of all,
To achieve our shared dream,
We must backcheck like crazy,
And play D as a team.”)

With a game plan in place,

The players gave a big cheer,

Then hit the ice with a purpose,

Another state title would be theirs.

Drills were completed,

The team was ready for glory,

So Coach Dodds called a break,

To tell them “The Story.”

The Story

Be focused and smart,

And never give up,

If you want to win tomorrow,

And lift the NH Championship cup.

We’ve had 19 games to date

All but two we did win,

Scrims against Essex, Bellows Free

And Spaulding to begin.

With a strong start and hard work,

We were able to see

The ways of success,

And paths to victory.

So tonight on the Eve

Of the Championship Game,

There’s a story to tell

Of our multi year aim,

We have Honored Tradition,

Every time we have played,

And Leave No Doubt

We will be Better Tomorrow Than Today,

For this year’s theme,

An idea that resonates,

Is that while players move on,

Tradition Never Graduates.

TNG is our guide,

We will play our best,

To add to the legacy,

And leave our own mark of success.



To the top!




After coach Dodd’s story,

And the last drills were done,

The seniors exclaimed,

“It’s time for some fun!”

Mahler went in,

With whoops and a scream

Her slick glide and spirit,

Made the whole team beam!

Sylvie came next,

With a very smooth stride,

She picked up good speed,

And had a nice long slide.

Brittany jumped up,

And was number two,

And this future Warrior,

Went sliding right through.

Leslie was ready,

With her super quick feet,

That Tiger proudly slid,

Down the tunneled sheet.

Sarah was fourth,

With her long-legged stride,

That soon to be bobcat

Stretched out her slide.

JJ was focused,

And wanted to excel,

So she sprinted with vigor

And slid  furthest of all.

Clare was next,

And with her incredible speed,

This Gull flew so far,

She took over the lead.

Maddie was last,

And had a huge smile,

That Panther is so fast,

She slid nearly a mile.

Our seniors worked hard ,

And made sure it was fun.

They’ve honored tradition,

The tunnel is now done.

And now, all,  hear this team’s hallowed stick banging cheer,

 the growing rhythm— mounting and steady,

 Good Luck, Marauders!

Onward!…. To the ‘Ship….You are ready!

Assistant Coach Courtney Hanlon


from left: Courtney Hanlon, Brian Drew, Head Coach John Dodds, Josie Fisher

Our coaches are multi-tasking and multi-talented people. While not an everyday practice presence, both  coaching assistants Courtney Hanlon and Josie Fisher (HHS 2008) have given very generously of their time and talents to this Marauder team. They have been invaluable role models and skills teachers. Some players have named a  move “the Josie” and attribute some slick stick skills to Courtney. It takes a village!

Josie and Courtney are now both second year med students, Josie at Harvard Med and Courtney at Geisel Med at Dartmouth.  It is a busy time for them.  Both are amazing, unselfish, humble and accomplished young women.   They are also gifted athletes and hockey players!  HHS girls are so lucky to learn from them about both hockey and life.  I was able to convince Courtney to share a bit about herself for this post.

“I grew up playing both boys’ and girls’ hockey in Southern California. At the time, there were only two girls programs in the area, so I spent the last two years of high school at the North American Hockey Academy in Vermont. In college I played for Amherst (class of ‘11), where I got to play with the legendary Josie Fisher (HHS all-time leading scorer, Amherst ‘12) for three years. Skating with Josie in college was so fun–her skill seems effortless and she’s a fierce competitor. We were very lucky during our years at Amherst to have such a self-motivated group, all dedicated to each other and driven towards the same goals.

Josie introduced me to the HHS family when I moved to Hanover for medical school in August 2015. From the short time I’ve spent with Coach Dodds and HHS, it’s easy to see the program develops consistently strong, skilled, team-minded players. I’m so proud of this HHS team, being on the ice with them is always a joy. Their dedication to their teammates reminds me of the lifelong friendships that hockey has brought into my own life. I can’t wait to see where their work ethic takes them, on and off the ice!”

Thanks so much to Courtney and Josie for your efforts as part of the Marauder girls ice hockey family!


Speaking of championships and inspiration…….Can you find 2009 Nescac Championship  Amherst College teammates Courtney and Josie?

Stay tuned for tomorrow evening’s  post….. this year’s version of  “Twas the night before the Championship”

Saturday’s Championship Game

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.14.04 PM

Hanover is back!

NH High School Girls’ Ice Hockey D1 Championship

Saturday, March 11, 2017,  10:00 AM

Hanover High School Marauders vs. Exeter High School

at Southern NH University Arena (Formerly the Verizon Center)

555 Elm Street

Manchester, NH

The Marauder team wants all the fans that can make the game to come and cheer them on!  The more cheering HHS fans at the game, the better!  They have been working hard all season and deserve you support!  This team is eager,  prepared, and ready to face this end of the season challenge!

ONLY if  you can’t make the game, you can REGISTER AHEAD, and watch the game streamed live.

For the link, go to the NHIAA website and click on the link at the right, “watch NHIAA games LIVE”

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.18.48 PM.pngThis will take you to the NFHS website. On the right of that linked website, you will see a link to watch the game. Click on that link on the right, but be sure to register AHEAD, and start your streaming around 9:50 on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.11.50 PM


Semi-Final Win! HHS is Headed to the Championship for the Eighth Consecutive Year!

handshakes at semi.jpg

Congratulations on the Semifinal win! Moving on to the SNHU Arena (formerly, Verizon Center) !

Marauders had a strong first period, putting up 5 goals to Berlin’s 1. Net action slowed to only one goal in the second, on a strong slap shot from near the blue line, which put Hanover up 6-1 after two.  Strong defense was key to the Marauder effort.

Both teams added two goals in the third for a final score of 8-3.  Hanover moved the puck well, and found opportunities, making some HHS crowd pleasing plays on smart pass connections.  There was a lot of Marauder fire and hustle tonight.   Well done, Marauders!

Next game: the Championship on Saturday morning.

Hanover will play Exeter, who beat Concord, 4-0. Game time, 10:00 AM

Semi-final Game Tomorrow


This is Team Marauder. Teammates, friends, family.

Marauders travel to Plymouth State University tomorrow to face Berlin in the NH D1 NHIAA semifinal game at 5:30 PM.

This team is bringing a lot of practice and championship game experience to the game tomorrow.

Good luck, Marauders! Remember–half the game is mental!

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. ”  PelTradition never graduates