2017-2018 SEASON PHOTOS:

Lake Placid Photos (Tysinger)

Link to KAZ 2017-2018 Photos

Link to Paul Stinson’s 2017-2018 Photos

2014-2015 SEASON PHOTOS:

Link to Special Olympics 2015 photos

Link to Oyster River Game Photos, January 31, 2015

Link to game photos 2014-2015 (Zug)

Link to Mike Stinson’s HHS Hockey Photos

HHS Girls Ice Hockey Team 2014-2015

2013-2014 SEASON PHOTOS:

2013-2014 Team Photos (from HHS Girls Ice Hockey Program)


2013 State Championship vs. Oyster River   Mar. 9, 2013 (Bob Dewhirst)

3 Championship Photos from “Uncle Bob Dewhirst”

State Championship game vs. Oyster River, March 9, 2013

Semifinals vs. Bishop Guertin 3/5/2013

Hanover vs. Concord, 2/20/2013

Hanover vs. Lebanon. February 2, 2013

Special Olympics, February 2, 2013

Hanover vs. Lebanon, 1/19/2013

HHS vs. Concord (1)

HHS. vs. Concord (2)

2012-2013 photos, credits to Mike Stinson

Skate with the Marauders. December 27, 2012

Alumni Game 2012

Alumni game (Photo credits: Lara Acker)

St. Albans Tourney 2012

2012-2013 HHS Girls' Varsity Ice Hockey Team

2012-2013 HHS Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey Team








2011-2012  SEASON PHOTOS:

2011-12 TEAM Photos (By Stephanie Briggs)

Banquet Photos (by Brian Drew)

2011-2012 HHS Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey Team

End-of-Season Banquet Slideshow (by various)

2012 State Championship Game Mar. 10, 2012 (by Lara Acker)

2012 Championship vs. Lebanon   Mar. 10, 2012 (by Bob Dewhirst)

Oyster River (2012 Semifinal) Mar. 6, 2012  

(by Bob Dewhirst)

at Concord Feb. 22, 2012 (by Bob Dewhirst)

SENIORS’ Day (by various)

Berlin-Gorham Feb. 11,2012 (by Lara Acker)

Berlin-Gorham Feb. 11, 2012 (by Bob Dewhirst)

at Souhegan Jan. 28, 2012 (by Bob Dewhirst)

300 Points! (by various)

A REALLY hard practice (by Lara Acker)

Spaulding HS Jan. 2, 2012 (by Lara Acker)

Spaulding HS  Jan. 2, 2012 (by Bob Dewhirst)

2011 Christi Corrigan Blitz (by Stephanie Briggs)

2011 Alumnae Game

at Oyster River Dec. 17, 2011 (by Bob Dewhirst)

Lebanon Dec. 13, 2011 (by Lara Acker)

Better Tomorrow than Today! (at Average Wayne’s)

Tryouts, Nov. ’11 (bd)

Warm-up Skate, Nov. ’11  (bd)


2010-2011  SEASON PHOTOS:

2010-11 Hanover High Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey Team

2010-11 TEAM Photos (By Stephanie Briggs)

2011 Championship v. Oyster River Mar. 13th, 2011 (by Bob Dewhirst)

NH States 2011 a (by Lara Acker)

State Championship March 13th, 2011 (by Lara Acker)

Bishop Guertin (2011 Semifinal) March 8th, 2011 (by Bob Dewhirst)

Practice v. HHS JV Boys (by Lara Acker)

SENIOR NIGHT Photo Show  (byStephanie Briggs)

Concord  Feb. 23, 2011 (by Lara Acker)

at Oyster River  Feb. 19th, 2011 (by Lara Acker)

at Oyster River  Feb. 19th, 2011 (by Bob Dewhirst)

at Exeter   Feb. 14th, 2011 (by Bob Dewhirst)

Lebanon (1st & 2nd periods) and (3rd pd.) Feb. 5th, 2011  (by Lara Acker)

at Souhegan Jan 30th, 2011  (by Bob Dewhirst)

at Concord  Jan. 15th,2011 (by Bob Dewhirst)

at Bishop Guertin Jan. 8th, 2011 (by Bob Dewhirst)

at Spaulding HS Jan. 5th, 2011 (by Lara Acker)

2010 BFA Tournament (ours)

Cold Hollow Photography (547 photos of our 12/29 game with BFA, for sale from commercial VT site)

Berlin Dec. 21, 2010 (by Lara Acker)

Pre-season Team-building (By Stephanie Briggs)


2009-2010  SEASON PHOTOS:

2009-10 Hanover High Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey Team

2009-10  TEAM Photos (by Stephanie Briggs)

2009-10  Photos (Miscellaneous)

at EXETER  Jan. 9, 2010 (by Bob Dewhirst)

Dinner for David’s House

at SOUHEGAN Jan. 23, 2010 (by Bob Dewhirst)

at STD Feb. 13, 2010 (by Bob Dewhirst)

Knee Hockey Night at Hannah’s (by Stephanie Briggs)

2010 Semi-Final v. Lebanon Mar. 9, 2010 (by Bob Dewhirst)

2010 Championship v. Bishop Guertin Mar. 13, 2010 (by Bob Dewhirst)


2008-2009 SEASON PHOTOS:

Senior Night Photos  (Chris Healy’s picasa gallery)

STD at Campion (G. Eastridge Photos) 3/8/09

STD at Campion (Bob Dewhirst Photos) 3/8/09

(mostly) Senior Night vs. Berlin 2/24/09 (G. Eastridge Photos)

Link to (Uncle) Bob Dewhirst’s PHOTOS of EXETER away Game (2/17/09)

Link to (Uncle) Bob Dewhirst’s PHOTOS of CONCORD away Game (2/4/09)

PHOTOS of Special Olympics 2009 Upper Valley Regional Winter Games (1) by D.B., Regan, etal

PHOTOS of Special Olympics 2009 Upper Valley Regional Winter Games (2) by Karyl and Brian Drew

Megan’s 100th Career Point

Pond Hockey

Alumnae Game 2008

2008-09 TEAM Photos (by Joe Cravero)2009-09-hhs-girls-varsity-hockey-team2








Photos from the 2008 Semi-Final game against Lebanon (at Concord) and the Championship game against Concord at the Verizon Wireless Arena. (Archive Images courtesy of Bob Dewhirst)

NHIAA Girls’ D-1 Finals 2008 (Hanover v. Concord @ Verizon)

NHIAA Girls’ Semis 2008 (Hanover v. Lebanon @ Concord)

2007 Unofficial State Championship (v. Concord @ Proctor)

One response to “PHOTOS”

  1. Bruce Spaulding says :

    Attended the Essex game recently at your facility. What a great team you have and enjoyed my visit, Talked with a man there near the bench who was taking pictures and said I could access them, however, have been unable to find them. Please send me the link to be able to view the pictures he took on Jan 23. Thank you very much,

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