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Parents’ Reflections and High Praise for All That Is the Hanover High School Girls’ Ice Hockey Program- The Inside Scoop


I’ve been webmaster for 6 years, and 650 posts later, now it is SADLY the time to pass the Hanover High School Girls’ Ice webmaster reins. Leave no doubt, I’m now signing off with the beautifully sung words of Andrea Bocelli, Time to Say Goodbye.  Such a wonderful privilege and very fun endeavor to blog about this program year after year, documenting the effort, fun, commitment and success.

I thought the best final post topic would be a collection of the thoughts and insights of player parents about this unique, exceptional high school hockey program. Here is the real inside scoop on the Hanover Girls Ice Hockey program, in the words of this years’ parents:

“Hands-down, the strongest team sports experience my daughter has had.  The coaches are so deliberate in creating a culture that pushes girls to be their best individually on the ice but, importantly, pushes them to be incredible team players on and off the ice.   Team community service, skating on the ‘Miracle on Ice’ rink, homework help on the bus from coaches, practices/games with and against HHS alumnae–all of these add up to a sense that the girls really are part of something larger and more meaningful than simply a 4-month high school sports season.  The dedication of the coaches is unmatched.  We feel so very fortunate that our daughter is able to be part of this program.”

“Being a part of the HHS girls ice hockey team has been such an incredibly positive experience for our daughter. John, Brian and Tucker have set such a positive tone in every respect: work hard, support your teammates, the importance of good sportsmanship, the importance of getting good grades, skill development, love for the game, etc., etc. We knew our daughter would have a good experience but it has exceeded our, and our daughter’s expectations on every level. It truly has been an honor for our daughter to be a part of this team. She has absolutely, 100%!!!, loved her experience, teammates and coaches.”

“As a former student athlete, I witness how rare and special it is to have coaches of such caliber and to be part of a team so cohesive. Coaches Dodds and Drew seem to have the capacity to cultivate amazing team chemistry, as well as nurture each, individual athlete.  Putting titles and trophies aside, these girls wrapped up the season with growth and positive self-image….and not to be forgotten, a lifelong bonding with a handful of amazing memories they’ll cherish forever.”

“It has been an absolute privilege for our daughters to be part of such an amazing team and culture. This team goes beyond X and O’s. It will be the lessons learned around the rink that carry over outside the rink that someday they will look back on and realize were part of the HHS Hockey experience. We cannot say enough good things about the coaches. They have created an atmosphere the girls love and respect. It was a special year. All those new players! To see them ALL progress and be able to contribute in the biggest game of the season was amazing. To have our girls hoist the trophy together- priceless. “

“Hanover girl’s hockey is truly special. Yes, this program churns out wins and great hockey players, but more importantly develops confident, mature young women who learn the value of hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and leadership. The coaching staff has very high expectations of each and every player to improve and be their best both on and off the ice.  But just as importantly, they mentor the girls and support them in their development. While there are many school and club options for serious hockey players, you will be hard pressed to find a better coaching or team experience than at Hanover.”

“This season was one of tremendous growth for my daughter.  She developed a deep love for each and every member of her hockey family and an increased admiration for her coaches. It was through the support of this amazing and truly unique family that she developed a new sense of confidence in herself as well. The legacy built by the Dodd’s brothers of the HHS hockey program provides a deep sense of pride that is shown through the girl’s heartfelt commitment to the team and their gracious winning attitude. This year, the team created so many special memories that will be reflected upon with smiles and appreciation throughout my daughter’s life. So glad we have one more season to look forward to…”

“My daughter felt so welcomed by her teammates and was thrilled to be part of a team that she described as always positive, always supportive.”

“(My daughter) was on the black line.  She always felt a part of the team and felt her role was really important.  Even when I would say – “did you play, are you going to play?” Her response would be – “That’s not my role right now – everyone does their part.”  She didn’t make that up on her own – that was fostered and she felt the importance in it….  Thank you, coaches!”

“The Marauder Girls Ice Hockey program has offered our daughters immense opportunities for friendship, personal growth, and membership in a team/family beyond their home.  We are so fortunate to have shared this experience with families and coaches who consistently set the right tone and provide the right perspective for athletics.  In the video Lisa Kable produced was a series of photos of the girls, focusing on their eyes.  You can see passion and compassion in those eyes, strength and will, joy and resilience.  This photo sequence symbolized for me what our daughters gain from being Marauder ice hockey players!”

“Being part of the team has been the most positive experience of my student at Hanover High. It brings so much pride of being part of the tradition, of the commitment and hard work; happiness playing hockey with friends and teammates representing our school, and most importantly, priceless life lessons on and off the ice. Thank you coaches for supporting and mentoring our girls.”

“We so appreciate that the coaches and their wives teach the girls so much more than just hockey skills…they truly shape the girls into better human beings. The emphasis on academics (love that part of US vs. Canada!), the affection and commitment that they show to each other as life partners, the attention to community service, and the guidance, advice, and humor that they share with each player every day is an immeasurable benefit of being part of this family.”

“So grateful to the HHS hockey program and the lifelong gifts it has brought to my daughters.  There is so much to this program beyond the excellent, high level hockey development, game statistics and 9 consecutive state championships. The practice sessions are masterfully crafted to develop individual player skills and the team strategy and play.  There is a never give up attitude that is evident down to every last second of every game.  Because the expectations are high, and the direction and support are there to achieve, the girls’ development and success is legion in both hockey IQ, skill, and character.  The program’s concerted, unique, special, thoughtful traditions percolate throughout the season to create a player and team bonding and performance inspiring experience that is truly one of a kind and exceptional. Inclusion, steadiness, high level team support, fun, academic excellence, community are all essential elements.   We are so fortunate to have this program in Hanover! Bravo, Coaches!”

Lake Placid Ice






Thanks to Master Carpenter, Brian Gardner for Helping Captains Make the Coaches End of Season Thank- You Gifts

coaches clocks

Thanks to Brian Gardner (former HHS grad), parent of former HHS player Clare Gardner, for his generous gift of time and professional carpentry skills in helping HHS captains to make hockey stick clocks as team end of season gifts for Coaches Dodds, Drew and Garrity-Hanchett. The clocks turned out great, with roster, team champion photos and player signatures on the back!   And thanks to many HHS hockey families and Dartmouth Men’s hockey  for donating their broken or years old well loved sticks to this project–63 sticks in all!

3 Cheers for the 2018-2019 HHS Captains!

Clara Boland (#4, D/F), Emma Tysinger (#12, D), and Bryn Kable (#14, D) (above, left to right) will captain next year’s HHS girls ice hockey team.   The torch has passed! While all 3 have played stalwart defense for the Marauders, Clara Boland transitioned (impressively) with a Whatever it Takes attitude toward the end of the season to forward, and both Emma Tysinger and Bryn Kable have eye opening offensive rush skills as well. It is a season we are looking forward to, and only 8 months to go!

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better”.

 “Think little goals and expect little achievement. Think big goals and win big success “.

We know these three are up to the task of honoring the HHS tradition.  Congratulations to the new captains!

Bryn KableClara BolandEmma Tysinger

End of the Season Banquet Monday


Time rolls by the clock don’t stop

I wish I had a few more drops

Of the good stuff, the good times

Oh but they just keep on flying

Right on by like it ain’t nothing

Wish I had me a pause button

Moments like those Lord knows I’d hit it

And give myself five more minutes

Time to get together to celebrate and remember the highlights of the 2017-2018 season!  Reminder that the end of the “Whatever it Takes” season banquet is this Monday night at 6:00.   It has only been a week without a practice or a team gathering– it seems like much longer!  Players, remember to bring your uniforms, and practice jerseys washed and ready to go for next season…. it will be here soon enough! For the seniors, moving on next year, hear is your pause button!


Wash your Uniforms

Wash and return your uniforms, please!

Four Hanover Players- Laycock, Wagner, Kable, and Tysinger, Awarded All State Honors by NH High School Ice Hockey Coaches Association

(Left to right: Briland Laycock, Cate Wagner, Bryn Kable, Emma Tysinger)

NH High School Coaches Association has announced D1 2017-2018 season Girls All State honors, which include:

Player of the Year :  Briland Laycock 

First Team:  Briland Laycock (F), Cate Wagner (F), Bryn Kable (D)

Second Team: Emma Tysinger (D)

Great job, Marauders!  Congratulations to all our players on their terrific season! It was a team effort all the way!

Follow these links to view the articles:

NH All State Hockey Selections 2018- Concord Monitor

Valley News

WMUR Hometown Hero: Briland Laycock

Season’s Photos – Thanks to Paul Stinson, Again!


Team of Champions, photo courtesy of Paul Stinson

This in late last night from Paul Stinson:

” It was a great year, with even a better ending. Just put the photos up, hope the girls like them. They play hard, love the sport and have fun doing it! It makes if fun to watch and to take photos. Congratulations to the team!”

Big big thanks to Paul for all the beautiful action photographs of many games this year, and also for the team and player photos to begin the season.  If you see Paul, be sure to thank him for his dedication and professional work, which he does out of the goodness of his heart!

2017-2018 HHS Girls Hockey vs Exeter D1 Finals – Paul Stinson Photography

Brothers John and Dick Dodds: More than A Hanover Hockey Success Story!


Boy’s Hanover Coach Dick Dodds (left) and Girls Hanover Coach  John Dodds – brothers, coaches, former HHS players

If only the story could delve further into HOW the Dodds brothers have, year after year, given special coaching touches to meld the  Hanover Hockey program into the very unique and wonderful  program that it is! The thoughtful and meaningful traditions that characterize the programs for these teams is second to none in terms of generating player enthusiasm, allegiance, diligence and loyalty. Not to mention top performance!  It’s a top of the class experience for Hanover High players that learn to honor effort, schoolwork, community service, and teamwork.  They also learn the value of special heartfelt traditions that really make the experience unique. The program is the hockey experience and so much more for these high schoolers.

Here is a link to the Union Leader’s article about the Dodds brothers.  There is more than meets the eye, but this timely and apt Roger Brown The State of Sports Manchester Union Leader article begins to capture the special gifts these two brothers have brought to the Hanover High School hockey family.


Dodds Brothers- Union Leader 3/12/18