Summer Fun for HHS Players! Beantown Tournament and Wizards Showcase!

Off season?  Several HHS alums and current  HHS players are listed on Beantown  and Wizards showcase rosters this weekend for this series of summer hockey games around the Boston area…..Alums playing on the… ?? Hamsters?? team include Kelly Brigham (Connecticut College ’20 ), Caroline Howell (Trinity University ’18), Sarah Wagner (Amherst College ’19) and Eliza Laycock (Amherst College ’20). Matti Hartman (Northeastern ’20) was also playing.

Current HHS players spotted on other rosters include Briland Laycock (HHS 2018, Islanders U19), Bryn Kable (HHS 2019, Vermont Shamrocks U19), Clara Boland (HHS 2019), Meredith Morhun (HHS 2020) and Emma Tysinger (HHS 2019), all  playing on Vermont Shamrocks U16.

IMG_0892 (1).jpg

Alums rally at the Beantown:  NESCAC  gals and HHS alums: Kelly Brigham, Caroline Howell, Sarah Wagner, and Eliza Laycock