Assistant Coach Courtney Hanlon


from left: Courtney Hanlon, Brian Drew, Head Coach John Dodds, Josie Fisher

Our coaches are multi-tasking and multi-talented people. While not an everyday practice presence, both  coaching assistants Courtney Hanlon and Josie Fisher (HHS 2008) have given very generously of their time and talents to this Marauder team. They have been invaluable role models and skills teachers. Some players have named a  move “the Josie” and attribute some slick stick skills to Courtney. It takes a village!

Josie and Courtney are now both second year med students, Josie at Harvard Med and Courtney at Geisel Med at Dartmouth.  It is a busy time for them.  Both are amazing, unselfish, humble and accomplished young women.   They are also gifted athletes and hockey players!  HHS girls are so lucky to learn from them about both hockey and life.  I was able to convince Courtney to share a bit about herself for this post.

“I grew up playing both boys’ and girls’ hockey in Southern California. At the time, there were only two girls programs in the area, so I spent the last two years of high school at the North American Hockey Academy in Vermont. In college I played for Amherst (class of ‘11), where I got to play with the legendary Josie Fisher (HHS all-time leading scorer, Amherst ‘12) for three years. Skating with Josie in college was so fun–her skill seems effortless and she’s a fierce competitor. We were very lucky during our years at Amherst to have such a self-motivated group, all dedicated to each other and driven towards the same goals.

Josie introduced me to the HHS family when I moved to Hanover for medical school in August 2015. From the short time I’ve spent with Coach Dodds and HHS, it’s easy to see the program develops consistently strong, skilled, team-minded players. I’m so proud of this HHS team, being on the ice with them is always a joy. Their dedication to their teammates reminds me of the lifelong friendships that hockey has brought into my own life. I can’t wait to see where their work ethic takes them, on and off the ice!”

Thanks so much to Courtney and Josie for your efforts as part of the Marauder girls ice hockey family!


Speaking of championships and inspiration…….Can you find 2009 Nescac Championship  Amherst College teammates Courtney and Josie?

Stay tuned for tomorrow evening’s  post….. this year’s version of  “Twas the night before the Championship”