Coaching Insight: Assistant Coach Brian Drew

Leave no doubt, HHS girls’ ice hockey  has been extremely fortunate to have  a superb coaching staff that provides not only top notch experienced coaching, but also invaluable mentoring and ‘life’ guidance.

Upon my request, assistant coach Brian Drew forwarded some thoughts about his involvement in the HHS girls’ hockey program.

“I have been coaching hockey for 25-30 years.  Although my favorite sport growing up was basketball, I started coaching hockey when my first son was in “Learn to Play Hockey” at about age 5 because there was a shortage of coaches.  I learned to skate and play hockey with him and my two other sons.  More than 25 years later I still love going to practice and traveling all over New England to play games.


Coach Drew (right) and Coach Dodds

Over the years I coached all youth hockey levels, from Mites through Bantams, and for about a decade I ran a fall hockey program for high school players who did not play a fall sport.  I also coached the Hericanes, an upper valley women’s hockey team that Karyl played on.  For a few hours a week she had to do whatever I said!  :-)  I began coaching the Hanover High School Girls’ team in 2006 (or 2007, need to check this date) when John needed an assistant coach.  He and I had coached youth hockey together a few times, and I thought it would be fun to help out. That has certainly turned out to be the case.

I enjoy helping develop young hockey players, being part of a team, and working with teenagers.  I get to do all three with this team!  I am so impressed with the student-athletes we get to work with.  They set challenging goals, work hard and have fun.  I love the team spirit we have managed to sustain from one year to the next next.  I also appreciate that today’s player is tomorrow’s friend.  It is always interesting to connect with former players who return for practices and the annual alumni game.

I am fortunate to be part of this program.  In fact, more generally, I am fortunate to be part of this community.  So many people have given time, attention and support to my children.  It is a pleasure to try to give a little back in return.”