1-1 Tie vs. Woburn


“That game was fun to watch!” I heard several fans comment.  Great game, a lot of action, strategy, and great puck movement back and forth with speed. This match up was against the third ranked HS girls’ team in Massachusetts, Woburn, now (17- 2- 2).

The HHS team skated with energy and heart, all players trying their hardest, leaving it on the ice in a game that came down to a tie.

Great HHS chances early, but Woburn scored first in the first period on  a power play. We evened the score about 2 minutes into the second period on a slap shot from inside the circle. Some terrific defense and Marauder goalie saves in the second and third.

Marauders came out of the locker room to start the final period ready and energized. HHS started with just over a minute left on the power play, but couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity. The back and forth  feisty scramble with corner battles for pucks continued throughout the third period.

Another power play opportunity for HHS with 6 minutes to go and several more -oh -so -close moments. Woburn tried a sneaky stretch long pass play from the opposite side end  face off several times in the last minutes to get the puck down to their scoring zone, but HHS gals were on to it and on it.  HHS had a lot of very close shots, good plays, and worked together really well, but just couldn’t get the go ahead.

Offense, defense, goalie played some excellent hockey tonight!  Thoughtful smart decisions, focused, poised  & aggressive.  Great effort, team Marauders!