Senior Spotlight: Maddie Lyons



Thoughtful, selfless, cheerful, focused and committed. Maddie is all of these. She has been a great Captain and a wonderful role model for her teammates. She does a nice job of getting everyone focused before games. She knows what elements of the game need to be emphasized and she conveys her thoughts well.

We had high expectations of Maddie this season and she has exceeded them.  She has stepped up her game and made a difference. She takes pride in shutting down opponents and she contributes in the offensive end as well. Good hands, quick shot release and the ability to find her open teammate make her an offensive threat every shift.

I think we’ll see great things from Maddie and her senior teammates during our stretch run.

Strong skater who uses her speed and size to control the puck along the boards.

Has shifty moves with good stick handling skills.

Wrist shot has improved tremendously, she consistently gets off low and hard shots that create scoring and rebound opportunities.

Smart, versatile player who can play center or wing and is effective at both ends of the ice.

Great attitude, has always put the team first over her three years, has lead by example.

Strong leadership skills, she says “the right things at the right time”.

Member of the “back of the bus” gang, though she does sneak in homework on some bus rides.

Maddie is a natural leader. She always has the interest of the whole team in mind and thinks of everyone’s perspective. On the ice, she has improved immensely over the past four years and I have enjoyed watching her grow into the leader and hockey player that she is today.



Gives great advice, an awesome role model, SO fast, great hands, really positive, keeps us focused.

Her hard work and drive on the ice is nothing in comparison to her fun and energetic attitude. She always has something constructive to say and keeps the team focused and on track.

Maddie is a great captain. She always makes sure that everyone is focused both for games and practices. It might be hard to tell teammates to stop or focus all the time but she does a great job.

Organized, I can always rely on her.

A great leader. I love her dedication and kindness.

Maddie has great handwriting when she writes our three goals on the board before a game. She encourages us to be focused in a way that is not annoying and is helpful. She is great captain.

Maddie is very nice and hard working. She is devoted to the team. She is a great forward, and plays with intensity.

Team mom, super smart and organized and brings the focus.

Maddie does every drill to completion the way coach wants it done, setting a great example for everyone around her.

Such a strong leader.  Always puts the team first. Great sense of the game, hard passes and shots.  Every game she plays better. Fast! Always does the little things too, like picking up pucks. She goes the extra mile.


Maddie Lyons, #16, Forward