Senior Spotlight: Sarah MacCormick



Sarah has not received enough credit for what she gives to our team. She and JJ have been the foundation of our D crew for the past two seasons. Physically strong with a competitive attitude that raises the level of play of our team in the defensive zone. Sarah is tough to beat 1v1 or odd man rush situations. Sarah moves the puck well and makes good decisions with and without he puck. She also contributes in the offensive zone with good off puck movement and a killer wrist shot.

One of the top 2 defense in the state, the other being her partner.

Strong skater with the ability to transition quickly and effectively.

Her physical presence is intimidating; she is very difficult to beat 1:1.

Has worked hard to get her wrist shots and snapshots low and on net, is contributing a lot to our offensive game this year

Works hard in practices and games, always wants to learn, regularly asks questions to get better.

Part of the “back of the bus gang” known for her love of cats.

Sarah has really stepped into her role as a solid defender and defensive leader this year. Not only is she a beast on 1v1s or odd man rushes, she also has a killer slap shot on the point. Sarah has also done a great job on the power play this season, adjusting well to the umbrella formation.



Sarah always is making people laugh, and when she isn’t she is laughing herself. She is great at defense, and always hypes us up.

Silly but always looking to better herself. Has a contagious laugh.

Gives good breakout passes and is reliable.

Sarah is a very strong defender, and her passes are harder than anyone else’s. Also Sarah’s laugh is contagious.

So funny, and I love her imitations and dance moves. Always positive and kind.

Cats. She is an amazing defenseman that has fun and I can learn a lot from.

Hilarious, cat lover and amazing defense!

Sarah is an awesome defenseman and is always fun to be around. She includes everyone and always says hi in the hallways.

So funny really nice. She has funny adventure stories.

Along with her obsession with cats, you can tell Sarah loves the game and always has a fun time on the ice. She’s always making everyone laugh (and herself laugh). Sarah knows when to jump into offensive plays and her constant communication on the ice helps the team succeed.

Amazing wrist shots from the point and amazing reach on one on ones.  Always calm on defense.  Makes the funniest noises while playing!  My favorite cat lover. Is super supportive.


Sarah MacCormick, #18, Defense