Senior Spotlight: Sylvie Alexander



Sylvie has been a wonderful addition to the Marauder family this season. We haven’t had a senior come out who has been away from the game since 8th grade and it has been fun to watch her game develop. She gets better every week.Sylvie has had a big impact on our bench energy and attitude during games with her positive vocal support. She is a smart player and she plays with a lot of composure. She has good speed and she uses it to win battles for puck control.We are very proud of Sylvie’s volunteer efforts for the Disabled Veterans Sled Hockey Group.  Sylvie has a big heart.

Nice addition to the team.

Vocal and positive presence in the locker room and on the bench.

Consistently positive spirit.

Very smart player, has a good sense of the ice and flow of the game.

Has shown tremendous improvement in both skating and stick skills.

Has embraced her role on the team and is a good example of a player who can contribute by focusing on strengths while working to improve.

Sylvie has a wonderful attitude, which brings up our bench energy. Her warm smile always brightens the rink. She works hard every time she is on the ice and has improved immensely throughout the season.



Lovable and so cheerful and energetic.

Supportive and huge cheer leader of everyone.

A great leader. You were my peer leader for orientation, and you always said hi to me the halls, even when we were months into school. You really helped me feel welcome at Hanover High.

Sylvie brings a positive attitude to every practice on and off the ice.

Sylvie the one of the most hardworking people. She tries her best at every time and is always positive no matter what.

Sylvie has improved so much over this season. When she is not on the ice she is always smiling and cheering on her team. I’m so glad she’s on my line.

Sylvie has developed so much skill since the beginning on the year, it was awesome to watch her learn. She is by far the most enthusiastic person on the team and keeps everyone motivated to do their best.

The most positive person on the team, really friendly and easy to chat with, fun to be around because you’re really inclusive

Sylvie has brought incredible insight and great work ethic to the team this year. She always brings the team up and cheers loudly on the bench. She has been a great addition to the team and I’ll miss her positive personality so much next year!

Sweet and easy to talk to. Has improved so much!  Her willingness to learn and positive attitude bring up the team energy on and off the ice.


Sylvie Alexander, #21, Forward