Senior Spotlight: Leslie McNamara



Leslie is one of the hardest workers on our team. Almost always on the ice first for morning practices working on her shot from the point and lateral mobility. She is strong and loves to compete. She has been an important part of our D crew for the past 3 winters.  A good skater with speed that has been beneficial to her game. This year her versatility has been shining through as we had her at wing on the red line during a couple of our most challenging games.

Positive attitude and versatility have helped us this year.

Able to play either D or W depending on what we need most.

Strong skater with excellent forward and backward skating skills.

Slap shot has improved tremendously over the last two years.

Strong work ethic, first to the rink and on the ice for morning practices.

A mainstay in the “back of the bus gang”, her sense of humor contributes to lively entertainment in the locker room and on bus rides.

Leslie is a positive force on our team. Her humor and sassiness can make anyone laugh. She sets an example for her teammates to be nobody other than themselves. On the ice, Leslie is flexible – she moves to forward and back to defense with no questions asked. Always the first out before morning practice.



First on the ice at morning practice right away firing shots from the blue line. Doesn’t give up on the puck. Funny and good taste in music for the locker room and for practice.

Can always make me laugh. I really admire your humor. You notice when I’m feeling down and you somehow always manage to make me feel better. This is kind of random, but I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I love your hair.

So funny and great team player.

Leslie works harder than everyone on the ice, and getting on the ice for morning practice before most people even show up.

Goof and so lovable!

Leslie is super fun to be around. She always is making people laugh. She is devoted, and we can see this when she literally gets on the ice at 5:00 AM when practice is at 5:30 AM.

I love Leslie. She is an outgoing and amazing person. I learned a lot from her about the mental and physical game. I think she is the hardest worker on the team. She always gets to morning practice early to work on her skills and it had definitely paid off.

Crazy, always first on the ice, working really hard, makes really good cross ice passes, has great music and dance moves.

Leslie is a ball of energy to say the least. She is crazy at times but always comes early and has a great work ethic, always the first on the ice for morning practice. She’ll do anything for the team especially play forward enthusiastically although she’s a defenseman.

Leslie is the most outgoing, spontaneous, and adventurous person I know. She always finds new ways to surprise me and always has a great attitude. She’s first on the ice at morning practices and is always trying to improve. I’m going to miss her light attitude and strong personality!


Leslie McNamara, #11, Defense and Offense