Senior Spotlight: J.J. Taube



JJ is a driven, focused, determined person. This shows in both her play and in her schoolwork. Her focus reels the team back in when some are distracted. JJ is generous in sharing her energy and time for help with on-ice skills or schoolwork help – she is a great teacher.

Intense competitor who pushes herself on and off the ice.

Works extremely hard, always trying to get better by asking questions and pushing her boundaries in practices.

Excellent all-round hockey skills, strong skater with good hands.

Has developed a cannon for a snapshot, consistently hard, low and on net.

Has the judgment and skills to quarterbacking our  power play at the point.

Consistent “front of the bus” presence for three years, is most likely to do homework both to and from away games.

Always willing to help other players with homework on the bus.




So driven and is so nice. She  goes out of her way to make me feel better when I’m sad.

Determined, great slap shots and very nice!

JJ is a serious, hardworking hockey player that keeps us focused on the game and school work.

Incredibly determined, inspiring work ethic, dope slap shot, plays the body really well on one on ones, GENIUS!

Focused, driven, and kind. You have been so supportive to me, especially in the last few weeks. Thank you so much. I’m really glad I’ve gotten to know you.

Always working hard to improve her skills, asking questions, and always playing with a goal in mind.

Focused and dedicated. Can always come to her to practice something, ask a question, or talk. So smart and so kind!  Has a hard shot and is great at gap control and using her body.

JJ is extremely hard working, and is a really good team player. She is smart, friendly, and overall an  awesome person.

An awesome caring teammate. During games she is very focused and isn’t afraid to tell you what you can improve on. She is very hard working on and off the ice and is great for homework help on the bus.

JJ is incredibly driven and is always working hard on schoolwork on the buses, or on the ice. She makes sure that the whole team is pushing themselves and focusing on the task at hand. She is incredibly consistent and extremely reliable on the ice.


J.J. Taube, # 17, Defense