No School, thus No Game Tomorrow


Our snow globe. Uh oh, more big snow in the forecast!  Snowfall  photo overlay getting overused!  Meredith Morhun, #2,  gets set for the face off in last night’s game vs. Austin Prep.

Happy to squeeze in the game at Austin Prep, between the big snowfalls.  The girls continue to come together as a team, showing great development and desire.

Home game tomorrow against  #2 in the standings, NHIAA opponent Exeter,  is  postponed–AGAIN–  due to snow. Per the phone calls we just got from business administrator for SAU 70,  “school and all school related activities” have just been cancelled for the day.

Upcoming games for the Marauders include:

  • Home game with Lebanon, 6 PM Tuesday, Valentine’s Day
  • Away game against Acton Boxborough, MA, 5 PM Saturday
  • Senior Day Celebration – Wednesday, February 22- make up game with Bishop-Brady Trinity, at Campion, 12:30 PM