Ella Williams, Assistant Coach for HHS 2016-2017


Ella Williams (grad 2016, number 12), smiles with her gaggle of alums after a tally vs. the current team in the Alumni game

I asked assistant coach, Ella Williams (captain, HHS 2016), to reflect about what it’s like to switch roles from player to assistant coach for the HHS girls, and also a bit about what she is up to in her gap year,  beyond coaching.
Here’s what she shared with us:
“This fall I traveled to Peru and Bolivia with an educational gap year program called Where There Be Dragons. We focused on cultural, language, and development studies. Along with the incredible people and experiences, my favorite part of the trip was a feeling of rejuvenation and new energy. I was burnt out from high school and the trip provided me an opportunity to learn in completely new ways than I ever had before–I learned more in those twelve weeks than I did in a whole year of traditional school.
Now I am home working at The Skinny Pancake, shadowing mentors at West Central Behavioral Health, and, of course, coaching the team!
The transition from player to coach has been challenging, but I really enjoy my new role. I’ve found that saying less is always more powerful, because the girls have so much they’re already working on. So now, for most games, I go in there and see what they have written down and tell them that I will hold them accountable for reaching those goals.
I am beyond proud of what the team has done so far this year. They are really proving the “Tradition Never Graduates” mantra. We recently reevaluated our goals for the season and discussed the expectations that were on them in the beginning.
Many people were questioning if the team would be as strong this year as in the past, and with such a large turnover the girls had a lot to prove. I don’t want to say they have proved it yet, because we’ve got a long way to go, but I am so impressed with how they have proved themselves thus far. Every day is a new opportunity to improve and grow as both individuals and as a team. It has been an honor to be a part of this season so far and I am so excited for what’s in store going forward.
After the season I will be traveling to California and Patagonia with my Mom. Then I’ll have a couple weeks at home before I embark on my bike trip across the United States. I am biking from Norwich, VT to Bend, OR and down to San Fransisco, CA. Then I will be attending Colorado College starting in the fall. “
Thanks for lending your wisdom and bright spirit, and  helping out the team this season, Ella!
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Photo by Ella Williams, gap year fall. 2nd place winner in WTBD photo contest