Away Game, Wednesday 12/21 vs. Concord at 3:30 PM

Juniors 2016 2017.jpg

Juniors from left to right: Briland Laycock, Hannah Curtis, and Cate Wagner

Road trip ready!   Holiday break ready!  Early afternoon tomorrow, the team will pack their backpacks and  bags for the 2 week holiday break. They’ll dot i’s cross t’s, take a few last quizzes and tests, check their need-over-the break lists twice, and head out of Hanover High and hail the big orange bus to Concord for an early game.

This is an easy away, only 65 minutes to Everett arena.  The weather looks like it will be warmer and there’s no snow or threatening weather warnings in the forecast.

After a week of no games, the girls are eager to play one. Fans, give up the holiday merrymaking for the night and make the trip for this one!   Go Marauders!