Coach Dodds Taking in Some College Games to Cheer for HHS Alums; T minus one week until HHS Try-outs

Banners.jpgWith one week to go until try-outs and then a busy HHS girls 2016-2017 practice and game team schedule, Coach Dodds was logging the miles and squeezing in some visits to former players to watch their college games. Saturday Coach and Patti took in the Amherst vs. Connecticut College game and cheered on Amherst players Sarah Wagner (HHS ’15) and Eliza Laycock (HHS ’16).

National championship banners hung  at the Amherst rink, reminders of med student, our assisting HHS gals coach, and former HHS player Josie Fisher’s celebrated Amherst team.  Courtney Hanlon, also a current sophomore med student and Josie’s teammate from those championship years will again be helping with the coaching of the HHS girls ice hockey team this year.  Today, Coach and Patti are at the Northeastern vs. Boston College game, cheering on Matti Hartman (HHS’16).

Lots for our girls to be proud of and thankful for!  Honor the tradition!

Coach and Amherst Gals (1).jpg