Fans Flock to Thompson to Welcome Matti Hartman Home for the Northeastern vs. Dartmouth Game

hanover-fansHHS fans and hockey team members past and future.  This gaggle of smiling  Matti fans was on hand to congratulate her after the game.  From left to right: Sarah MacCormick, JJ Taube, Matti Hartman (Northeastern # 16 player guest of honor), Maddie Lyons, Cate Wagner, Briland Laycock

The welcome for Matti Hartman tonight at the Northeastern vs. Dartmouth game was big and enthusiastic! So many fans made the game to cheer for Matti!  For those who were unable to make the game, see the link to the video introduction:  Starting Line-Up Introduction, #16

This was no ordinary game at Thompson! Matti had a large and vocal fan base cheering throughout the game every time she roared onto the ice.

The Huskies  won the game, 3-0, and Matti once again thrilled the crowd with dazzling speed, skill and tenacious play. It was a crowd pleaser  performance for sure!  Way to go, Matti!  Such a thrill to watch you play with Northeastern at Thompson!