Senior Spotlight: Julie Montgomery

Julie Montgomery 19.jpg

Julie Montgomery, #19


A quiet and incredible force on the ice.  Has demonstrated versatility by playing center and both wings during the last two years.  Has also shown  commitment to the team by playing on all three lines during the same period.  Her determination and strength make her a strong forechecker.  One of our best at driving to the net.  During her four year tenure she has set a new standard for being the first out of the locker room!

Julie has never received enough credit for how she plays. Strong, smart, versatile and consistent. Julie works hard and has a team first attitude, She leads by example and will outwork opponents; winning battles, moving the puck to open teammates and putting pucks in the back of the net – like the 3 she deposited last week against BBT!

Julie Child Skater


Julie may seem quiet, but she is the most kind-hearted person I know. I absolutely love sitting next to her in the locker room and she is the most patient listener I’ve met. I’m so grateful to have been friends with Julie and her absence will be felt immediately in the locker.

Is very caring, and chill. She takes everything at her own pace, doesn’t care what others do. She is somehow able to control Kelly, when she goes a little cray cray, which not many can do.

Julie may seem quiet but when she talks never ceases to inspire or make people laugh.

Julie is the unsung hero on our team. She is the glue that makes everything happen on the ice. She is a solid player who never fails to get me cheering and jumping on the bench. Although she is not the loudest on the team, she cracks hilarious jokes and is such a fun person to talk to.

Julie is such a funny and quite person. She is a fast and tenacious player on the ice, and I’m so glad to be able to spend time with here.

Really strong,  good shot accuracy, very versatile (can play wing and center)

At first she comes off quiet but then when she gets comfortable, she’s a funny, crazy, and super caring person. I’ve loved being able to play both field hockey and ice hockey with her. Her speed and determination allow her to always be in the right place on the ice. I’ll miss her support and help next year!

Julie is quiet but deadly. She’s nice and sweet but when you cross her in hockey she will attack and destroy.