Senior Spotlight: Eliza Laycock

Eliza Laycock Spotlight 2.jpg

Eliza Laycock, #2


Eliza – Great hands, vision, anticipation and killer snap shot. Her passing, playmaking and shooting skills play a big role in the success of the “black line” and help her to consistently find her way onto the scoresheets. Eliza’s competitive level makes her tough to play against the full 200 feet of the ice.

The definition of a sniper.  Wicked hands and deadly snap and wrist shots.  Her nose for the net and quick release make her a scoring threat any time the puck is in our offensive zone.  She is also a versatile player, with stints this year at both center and wing. Her hard work off the ice has translated into impressive core and leg strength, making her very tough along the boards and in front of the net.

stick and clogs


Eliza– I look-up to Eliza because she is the quiet leader on the team, she is such an amazing player and an amazing person to be around.

Eliza has some sweet moves and I always look up to her. She may not talk a whole ton but she’s a really good role model on and off the ice.

She is very focused and hardworking, especially at games and practice. But she has a funny side, she laughs at you’re bad jokes (at you, not with you).

Eliza is an incredibly focused person who always helps the team stay on task during practices, games, and off-ice activities. She is an absolute blast to have as a captain and always pushes the team to do their best. She’s super supportive and is always cheering on the bench. She’s a huge part of the dynamic of the team and we will miss her lots!

Eliza is strong, and underneath her tough shell a really caring person who always knows how to cheer people up

Eliza: always focused, super smart, can dangle, always snipes

Eliza is one of the most underrated players on our team; she is a strong leader, a talented sniper, and a great teammate. Eliza pushes others to work hard and has some of the best sassy jokes (not to mention her dab skills). I look up to Eliza and will miss her company next year.

Eliza Laycock: Eliza is genuine, a hard worker both in school and on the ice, a good friend, and is a great role model. Her laugh is infectious and she is an incredible leader. I love having her on the team, and when she compliments me on a play, it feels great because she has high expectations.

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