Senior Spotlight: Matti Hartman


Matti Hartman, #7


Unmatched motivation, work ethic and competitive level set her apart. Matti is one of those players most coaches never have – she is the total package with skill sets that continue to improve every year. She raises the level of play of those around her and she has handled her success with a humble attitude.

A once in a lifetime player.  Nothing needs to be said about her game, just watch her play!  She remains humble despite incredible accomplishments.  She is also very unselfish and is as happy setting up a teammate up as scoring a goal herself.  Her leadership through her work ethic on and off the ice is amazing.  She is one of those players who makes everyone around her better.  Matti is a wonderful teammate and a joy to coach.



Matti always puts her best foot forward and is always there to bring out the best in her teammates.

Matti: When you first meet her, or hear about her, she’s intimidating, but after just one conversation you’re laughing the hardest you’ve ever laughed. She is the most goofy person I’ve ever meet, she’s very caring and humble. She is very hardworking, focused and motivated, she’s an inspiration to us all!

Matti is the sweetest and most amazing role model, and always is able to focus everyone during games and is an incredible leader

Matti: incredibly humble for how good she is, sick shot, great work ethic

Matti Hartman: Matti is a hard worker and always pushes herself. She always challenges me in practice to be better, and she is an inspiration to the whole team. Her modesty despite all of her success is incredible, and she is a great person to be around off the ice.

Matti has endless achievements to be proud of throughout her life, yet she remains so humble. Matti’s work ethic is unmatched on the ice, in the gym and in the classroom. She is always so aware when someone is having a bad day and can effortlessly cheer them up. I will miss Matti’s silly laugh, her caring presence, and her competitive spirit.

Matti is such a great role model not just because she is an amazing player, but because she is so humble and deals with the unfairness in games from refs with her head held high.

It’s been amazing to be able to play with Matti. Her abilities on the ice push each and every one of us to continue to get better. Not only is she an incredible player, she is also an amazing person who continues to push herself. She brought an incredible atmosphere to the locker room and the bench that will be missed. I loved laughing with Matti, and can’t wait to see what she does in the future!


Congratulations, Matti!