Senior Spotlight: Emma Malenka

Number 14 -- Emma Malenka

Number 14 — Emma Malenka

Don’t let her outgoing, bubbly personality fool you, Emma is a fierce competitor on the ice. A skilled skater with the tools to make plays at both ends of the ice. She is strong and tough to beat 1 v 1. Her slap shot is a weapon and she is never afraid to use it. Emma has been a a great leader and role model. Always smiling, sometimes gullible and a true team player.–The coaching staff

Junior class teammates tell it about Emma this way:

EMMER!!! hilarious, great slapshot, nerd! Little Emma Crop LR-1

Really good leader.

Strong slap shot.

Keeps the team focused .

Has an awesome slap shot, and has very smart things to say in locker room. Always keeps track of how much time we have before games. Very smart player and always seems to make the right play. Keeps our team in line.

Emmer! Hilarious, wicked slapshot, nerd, has improved so much this season, amazing leader, very organized, fun to be around,

I have known Emma from ballet stages to hockey rinks.  The activity may have changed but our friendship hasn’t.  Emma is always there to keep our team on schedule and in line.  She’s a great friend, classmate and captain to everyone!

Congratulations, Emma , on four years of being an awesome HHS Marauder ! 

Emma Malenka #14 Senior