Senior Spotlight: Delia Nahabedian

Number 13--Delia Nahabedian

Number 13–Delia Nahabedian

Deals is one of our unsung heros. She has been an important part of what has made Hanover successful the last few years – team D. Smart, composed, competitive and dependable. She is a team player that uses her long reach well in defensive situations. Delia has a very positive attitude and has been a good role model and contributor in the locker room.–The coaching staff

Junior class teammates tell it about Delia this way:

Little Delia

Delia Nahabedian- cat lover, soooo nice, spin-o-ramas.

Strong and solid defender.

Never gives up!

Always can count on her.

Delia is SO funny!  She also gives great advice during practices and games. I’ll really miss her next year when I’m getting on the ice alone…

Calm, cool and collected. Still maintains great yogurt belly. Always ready to get us in the correct mindset in between periods. Solid on the ice and gives great break out passes. Always provides a positive vibe!

Deels! Also has sweet moves in the locker room!  Great role model, always easy to talk to and gives great advice, great taste in music.

Congratulations, Delia , on being an awesome HHS Marauder Defender for 3 years !  

Delia Nahabedian #13 Senior