Senior Spotlight: Sarah Polidor

Team Manager -- Sarah Polidor

Team Manager — Sarah Polidor

Sarah’s competitive spirit, work ethic and ability to finish (game winner vs VT State Champ BFA Sophomore year) have been missed on the ice the last two years. She has always been an important part of our family and this year she has found other ways to contribute. Her stat tracking, lockerroom contributions and wonderful attitude have all had positive influences on our program.–The coaching staff

Junior class teammates tell it about Sarah this way:

Gets the team pumped !  Always has a positive attitude and supportive of everyone.bpolidor

Great dancer in the locker room.

Always at games and sings the national anthem.

We’re all so happy that Sarah is back with the team this year. She’s awesome and always helps boost our confidence during a game. Also, she balls at basketball!

Great leader in the locker room, and gives great advice before games. Brings a lot of positive energy to the team that will be missed next year. (pulls off some great dance moves during pregame jam sessions)

Best dancer, cheerleader, and scorekeeper, so good at singing!

Polly Wolly! Such a great team manager, always knows how to cheer up the team and individuals, brings lots of fans to our games, has some sweet dance moves in the locker room, lots of fun to have  around!

Congratulations, Sarah , on being an awesome HHS Marauder–player and manager!  

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