Senior Spotlight: Margeaux Baker

Number 4 -- Margeaux Baker

Number 4 — Margeaux Baker

Our quiet leader. Margeaux has been a cornerstone of the Marauder blue line since her freshman year. Her calm demeanor off the ice contrasts her competitive spirit on the ice. Consistent and dependable. Her skating skills, ability to maintain tight gaps with our opponents and play the body have frustrated forwards around the country for 4 years now!—The coaching staff

Junior class teammates tell it about Margeaux this way:

Such a strong defender! Not fun going against her 1 vs. 1 in practice. Gives great breakout passes, and is really easy to talk to. Gives great advice, and is always providing positive attitude. Has a great work ethic, and makes everyone she plays with a better player.

Loves cats!PC310052

No one can get by her!

Always eats and sleeps.

Crazy, funny, reliable, awesome skater!!

Marge is amazingly calm on the ice and she always makes the smart play.  She’s crazy strong on her feet and doesn’t get pushed around.  She’s a great leader and can always make me laugh too.

Marge! So funny, amazing defender, I hate doing 1 on 1s against you (too good), caring, nice, makes me smile!

Congratulations, Margeaux, on 4 years as an awesome HHS Marauder!

Margeaux Baker #4 Senior