Senior Spotlight: Sarah Wagner

        Number 8 - Sarah Wagner

Number 8 – Sarah Wagner

Saggy is one of our speed demons. She can fly and she uses it well to attack wide. Strong with good hands and an incredibly competitive spirit. She is the engine behind our green line and her will to battle at both ends of the ice has made her the top defensive center in the state for the last two years. Sarah has a big heart and has been a very supportive leader.—The coaching staff.

Junior class teammates tell it about Sarah this way: Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.08.48 PM

Saggy! hard worker, happy!   Always a fierce competitor no matter what.  You can always tell when she wants to score.  Encourages everyone on the team to give 100%.  Fierce competitor!

Could count on for music for the team during games and morning practices!
Great work ethic and always puts in 110%. Wicked strong on her skates and is really easy to talk to.  Always has great thoughts before the game.  Very strong on the puck and great forechecker. Has so much energy and she is able use this energy to push players around her to be their very best. Loves Timeflies.
Sag!! Works hard, committed, great job doing check list of team goals between periods, easy to talk to.
Congratulations, Sarah, on 4 years as an awesome HHS Marauder!
Sarah Wagner #8 Senior