Senior Spotlight: Katie Fenton

Number 29 - Katie Fenton

Number 29 – Katie Fenton


KFentz is one of our unsung heros. Composed, confident and a quiet leader, Katie has put up some impressive goaltending stats the last 4 years. Quick reflexes and a good glove help her to play bigger than she is. She has been able to maintain focus in low shot games and she has backboned some big wins against tough opponents. Her recent shutout of defending VT State Champs Essex was vintage Kati and a turning point in our season!—The coaching staff.

Junior class teammates tell it about Katie this way:
Brick wall, quick reflexes, strong glove!
Funny, smart, good glove!
Great strong goalie, and is always able to control rebounds. Has a sweet car. Provides calm atmosphere in locker roomK-Fents! Cool car, great sense of humor, awesome goalie, always saves our butts!
Brick wall (not fents)! So funny and awesome to sit next to in the locker room!
Congratulations, Katie, on 4 years as an awesome HHS Marauder Goalie!
Katie Fenton #29 Senior