Win! 4-3 over Beekmantown

Close game today…….. in goals, shots, penalties, opportunities.  A fair amount of back and forth.  Good skills and depth on both sides.  Fairly even in shots at the end of the game.

Their game evening goal  brought the score to 3-3 in the third and came on a classic play….. a Beekmantown player bullet out of the (penalty) box and  gunner direct to the goal where the puck unfortunately had been sent down ice.  It was quickly  launched in.

The Marauders fought hard throughout the game to pull out with this win!

The deciding goal– OURS–was shot in the last two minutes, with the sense of urgency to break the tie and win the contest.    This was good competition;   fans were engaged to the game’s end and  as Beekmantown pulled their goalie while Hanover defended a penalty kill in the last minute and a half.  Success!

Well done, Marauders!  Take these lessons on the road to your next game.

Tomorrow: Alumni game- Campion at 2PM

Next “out-of-league”,  counts for “in the league”  game- Austin Prep (MA) – more to follow on details: some discrepancy of game day and time (Monday at 3  vs. Tuesday at 1). I’ll post more when I know, and also some link to directions to Shoreham rink.