Today- Massena, NY – Game at 12:15 PM vs. Massena

Last night’s  Massena NY tournament hockey news came through without delay via text to many of us.  It was loud and clear — all three lines and all four HS classes were represented on the game sheet for point contributions, and the defensive unit and goalies did their job  well shutting down  opponent’s shots.  Fans at the Massena Tournament reported it was a fast game against a good team.  W 6 – 0.

Though the  text stream works wonderfully  well, we’ll work on getting “freebooter” back in game tweet form for our future away games.  Thanks to POC Ann Malenka for keeping many parents, Patti, and Karyl informed in real time via text.

Today the team’s mission is competition with Massena, HS at 12:15 PM.

Next home game: Tuesday, December 23 vs. Lebanon at 6:00 PM, Campion.