Welcome Home! (the only easy day was NOT yesterday)

ImagePage 12 of the Minny Itinny could have been different.  

Unfortunately, it was written by Mother Nature, and not Patti Dodds.

The team & entourage arrived back to Hanover at 6PM, after a long journey which began yesterday morning! Flight delay, flight diversion, an hour and a half on the runway waiting for an open gate, an unexpected overnight, early morning dense security lines, boarding pass lines, and plane switches. The girls, coaches, coaches wives, and family on this journey are all gold star people; we praise them all for their patience and teamwork during this tiring trip home. Minneapolis-> Milwaukee->Chicago unexpectedly overnight-> 4:30 AM wake-up->Baltimore->Boston->bus home.

It is no wonder your bags could not make this trip home with you.

All’s well that ends well. Congratulations on your efforts and positive spirits !   Remember, this incredible journey REALLY started last June! Through fundraising efforts, morning practices, and Hercules, you have become a remarkable team.  And it is so early in the season!

Home sweet home! A place to be cherished.  Welcome home, the rest is well deserved.