*Please Note: Problem with Calendar* …fixed.

12/7 Update: Google has repaired the bug in gCalendar. (I’ve removed the workaround, so those daily blank events in our calendar should disappear.)

12/5 Update: I put in a “temporary workaround” which seems to have fixed our Calendar for now. (Still awaiting formal bug remedy by Google.)

12/3: There is some peculiar bug in the Google Calendar where Links to it from browsers (including Firefox, IE and Safari) display the monthly calendar with events on the wrong dates.  Oddly, the Weekly and Agenda views (tabs in upper right corner) do not produce the same file corruption. (Furthermore, Google Calendar itself seems to work just fine; it is only links to it that have the problem.)  Google is aware of this problem and trying to solve. 

Please be aware that until fixed, the Monthly view of the CALENDAR may be incorrect!

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