End-of-Season Dinner: Wednesday, Mar. 24th at Black Center

__________________________________________________________________CONGRATULATIONS TO NEXT SEASON’S CAPTAINS:

Courtney Mayers, Emily Eickhoff and Leah Eickhoff !

Thank you to the Captains’ Parents, Coaches, and all who contributed to the season’s-end, fun evening in celebration of the 2009-10 Championship season.

…also Special Thanks again to :

RANDY HILL, for his always revealing videography and another great highlight movie recap of the season.


– Stephanie Briggs (Team photos and portraits)

– (Uncle) Bob Dewhirst (Piscataquog.com)

AMOS KORNFELD, the “Voice of Hanover Girls’ Hockey” (home game announcer) for the last two years , who will be missed.

PETER MCLAUGHLIN AND KEN GORLIN, regular penalty box “gendarmes” and fellow netminders.

DAVE REECE (and MARY), for Skating Skills support, and other contributions to the team.

“MR. T”,  for another winning coach bus trip to Verizon.


Hanover BOYS’ JV Hockey Team  (for the “tune up” before our first playoff game)


2009-10 Hanover High Girls' Ice Hockey Team

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